When Being Negative Means Something Positive: Carbon Emissions At Daterra

If we had to describe Daterra in only one phrase, it would definitely be: climate positive farm, carbon negative coffee; and today, we are revealing the meaning behind it.

In broad strokes, being carbon negative means we are able to sequester more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit. But… How do we do it?

As a coffee farm, we can’t avoid emitting CO2. We depend on using tractors, harvesters, cars and chemical fertilizers, for example. Fortunately, many practices allow us to mitigate our emissions.

The 13 million coffee trees are the main responsible for our carbon sequestration. Trees have the fantastic ability to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere, turning carbon into fuel for their development and also fixing it into the soil.

Protecting 50% of our native vegetation at the farm, dedicating areas to composting techniques, agroforestry, and regenerative agriculture, and supplying 100% of Daterra’s industrial areas with solar energy are a few examples of how we manage to enable this result.

We take quality very seriously, but for us, it’s not only about producing the best coffee in the world, it’s about producing coffee for a better world.