Each year our masterful Cuppers search the vast potential of Daterra for unique small lots of coffee, Our Masterpieces.

This very “small farm” is a lab, where we test new ways of producing coffee. The lab is rich with new and unusual varietals, processing methods, drying techniques and limitless experiments.

They have unique cup profile and score 88+, fully traceable, and are planted and grown with history and can never be replicated.


Our Collections are the top quality coffees from our current menu. They are the best coffees from our plantations and are completely processed using the Daterra Penta Process®.

Those are coffees that score 86-89, fully traceable and usually used as single origins.

This is our “small to mid-size farm”.

What attributes come to your mind when someone says Brazil Cerrado? Our Classics are the best representatives of Cerrado coffee, with the benefits of Daterra quality.

This is our larger-volume farm. Classics are used as a single origin or as an outstanding blending base, scoring 80 to 86.

These coffees offer great cost-benefit for those clients who desire good and consistent quality.

Awards and Recognition

  • Cup of Excellence finalist in 2001;
  • Best coffee from Brazil on the cupping for Quality by Rainforest Alliance in 2005 and 2008;
  • Espresso Blend used by World Barista Champion, Troels Poulsen, in 2005;
  • Espresso Blend used by World Barista Champion, Klaus Thomsen, in 2006;
  • Sustainable farm model by Illy Café in 2008;
  • Four out of the six WBC finalists used Daterra coffee in their blends in 2008.
  • Coffee used by World Latte Art Champion, Haruna Murayama, in 2010;
  • Blend used by World Syphonist Champion, Chizuru Motokawa, in 2010;
  • Brazil’s most Sustainable Farm, by Globo Rural Magazine in their 2015 Sustainble Farm Award.
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