Integrate students, community, society and school in a cooperative way to make a shared dream of the entire community come true: transforming the physical space of the teaching unit. This is Oasis Educar, a project carried out at Escola Estadual Dona Cotinha, in Patrocínio, Minas Gerais, on October 6th. The voluntary initiative mediated by Fundação Educar mobilized Daterra’s employees, students and school’s staff to encourage citizenship and protagonism.

Inspired by Elos Institute methodology, through five steps (recognizing beauty, discovering a shared dream, meeting local talents, seeking resources and getting hands-on), the project mobilizes everyone to accomplish the dream of transforming the school’s physical space.

Fundação Educar organizes the initiative in partnership with Daterra and aims to encourage people to recognize themselves as protagonists, so that they discover their potential, becoming capable of transforming their reality, their community and their country.

“We are very happy that we were able to provide the community with a tool for social transformation through Fundação Educar. A common dream came to life by bringing together the community, school and social technologies, and we hope that everyone can make the most of this new space. I believe initiatives like this are extremely important and significantly impact society”, comments Crysthara Reis – Sustainability and HR Coordinator at Daterra.

“Oasis Educar is a journey that invites each participant to collaborate with their best, accomplishing the shared dream of better public schools. More than physical transformation, it’s the revolution that takes place in those who participate, who come to appreciate the power of the place and people and to understand the importance of active participation in the construction of society. Spectacular!” says the Manager of Fundação Educar, Cristiane Stefanelli.