Daterra holds its annual Sustainability Week

In the week of September 2nd to 6th, Daterra held its Sustainability Week.

Every year, the farm promo-tes this event, whose main objective is to strengthen the concepts of sustainability, community and environmental preservation among its employees through dynamics and workshops.

After many days of shared knowledge and learning, the event featured the celebration of Daterra’s 30th anniversary. In 1993, Boa Vista farm was acquired, consolidating Daterra’s commitment to coffee. The celebration recalled all of Daterra’s achievements since its founding. Those who had already worked at the company since then were able to remember the beginning of everything, and those who arrived later learned about the history of the farm and all the achievements that built Daterra. Luis Paschoal brought around 400 employees together for an event full of music, good food and joy to celebrate this beautiful farm that provides us with the best of all coffees.