My story with Daterra – by Robert Huckleberry, Numu Coffee, USA

Numu Coffee Ltd is a small roaster nestled on a bluff in the Arkansas Ozarks.  We don’t claim to be the best roaster, but we do offer a superior product due to Daterra Farm.  These beans are so good, we custom roast to our client’s desire and haven’t lost a customer due to a better tasting experience elsewhere.

At the recent SCAA Atlanta event, I had the pleasure to cup three samples roasted to the same profile, however, each sample was from a different season—2015, 2014, and 2013.  We were not told which sample came from what year group. This fun experiment revealed one glaring result.  Of the six cuppers, we all identified the current crop of 2015.  After that, we were split on which sample was two years old or three years old.  The Penta Pack ® kept the 2013 stock as fresh as the 2014.

In Arkansas, the humidity swings are a constant variable during our roasting process.  The beans in Jute bags simply won’t last.  The Penta Pack® allows me to extend store my beans and only consider the ambient temperature variable.  I have to keep a limited stock of beans in Jute due to these conditions, but still wonder about the one’s coming from the Jersey City warehouse. The other extremely helpful benefit of the Penta Pack® is ease of shipping.

My supplier slaps a self-adhesive label on the side and sends it out.  Once it arrives, it is simple to unload by hand, and the storage footprint is small due to the box stability.  We re-use the liner for grounds, use the empty boxes for recyclables or, simply break them down and recycle them directly.

Did I mention I haven’t lost a client due to a better cup? Daterra is well worth the price for variety, quality and packaging.



Robert Huckleberry

Coffee Roaster and Owner of Numu Coffee

Arkansas, USA

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