The Bean Academy – 3rd Day

In the third day of the Bean Academy teenagers participated in activities to develop personal values, such as cooperation, respect, honesty, responsibility, freedom and so on. All values were approached thorugh dynamic activities and discussions that made them think over and realize how important this is.
They also had a workshop with Cézar and Bruno about, post-harvest procedures, coffee processing methods, and the importance of handling the cherries aiming better quality. Kids saw the wet mill and all the steps coffee goes through in it.
To finish the day, our researcher Maisa, gave a workshop about the importance of research in a coffee farm. She also inspired them to be more curious and go after answers to their questions themselves.

The Bean Academy is our new project that will make difference in the lives of 15 teenagers. The kids that participate in this one-week program are from a rural school in an underprivileged area close to the farm. The workshops develop personal and professional skills such as: personal values, communication, leadership and so on, as well as coffee skills, from basic coffee growing principles to grading, roasting, cupping and barista skills.

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