The Bean Academy – 5th Day

Last video of this year’s Bean Academy – our coffee summer school! Teenagers spent 1 week at the farm, learning personal and coffee skills – from planting and growing to cupping and barista skills.

In the last day, they participated in activities to develop coffee diverse coffee skills: roasting, barista skills for different brewing methods, also comparing their influence in the coffee taste. Finally they had the chance to taste different coffees sided by diverse kinds of food, so they could try to pair them up and find those attributes in coffee.

In the afternoon, we had a closing ceremony to give the kids the certificates for participating in the project. The ceremony was at the lookout in our environmental preservation area, by the waterfall. It was a very emotional moment, when the teenagers thanked all instructors for donating their time and knowledge to them during that week.

It was a very fun and knowledgeable week. We cannot wait for a new group next summer!